Superwise lets teams create notifications on Slack channels, enabling it to send model incidents directly to your Slack workspace.

Add Slack integration channel via the console

To add Slack as an integration channel:

  1. Go to the Integrations screen and click Create new integration. Then, choose the Slack option.
  2. Add an integration name.


Pro tip

you can have more than one integration channel, so use a meaningful name

  1. generate URL - Follow the instruction in Slack API on how to send messages using Incoming Webhooks.
  2. Enter the generated URL in the Superwise form.

Use the Test button to check your connection before saving it.

Add Slack integration channel via the SDK


Install the SDK

To install and get started with our SDK visit our SDK docs

import os
from superwise import Superwise


sw = Superwise()
notification = sw.notification.create_slack_notification('Slack Channel', '<Webhook URL>')