Deployment methods

Let's find the right deployment method for your business


Superwise is a fully SaaS platform that supports various deployment modes to accommodate any organizational needs you may have.

Secured cloud

Our secured cloud is deployed on Superwise’s multi-tenant cloud environment. Each customer has a secured tenant to ensure no data is shared across customers. The Superwise cloud is deployed on the Google Cloud Platform and is installed in the β€œus-central-1” region.

βœ” 99.9% uptime
βœ” Infinite scale
βœ” Automatic updates of the latest version and patches

Read more about our security measures in our trust center.

Private instance

Private instances are isolated installations within the Superwise cloud.

βœ” 99.9% uptime
βœ” Infinite scale
βœ” Dedicated instance in your preferred Google region


Available regions

To see the complete list of available Google regions, see here.


Superwise provides the option of on-prem deployment, using AWS, Azure, or GCP in order to
provide maximum security and privacy - data will stay in the organization and never leaves the company’s network.

Checkout our detailed requirement documentation and an installation kit