Observability Levels

"You see, but you do not observe."
-Arthur Conan Doyle

The Observability level shows how your model and data observability is. The level of your observability will increase as you add more suggested sections. This helps improve the visibility of your models and data observability and keeps the performance at the highest level.

The observability level is displayed on each model when it's hovered in the models' screen.

To get the highest observability for the model, you will need to provide a version and log production data and labels, create segments, and add policies.
The more segments and policies you have - the better observability and quality you will gain.

Observability Strength Description
None This model is not yet observable. Get started by adding a version and log production data.
Begginer This model has beginner level monitoring. You can move to a higher level by logging labels, creating segments, and adding policies.
Intermediate This model has a medium amount of monitoring. For higher-level observability, go ahead and log your production data and labels, and create segments.
Expert This model has expert level monitoring. To benefit from even stronger observability, log the labels, create segments, and add policies.
Superwisor Well done! This model is being monitored at the highest level.