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Python SDK Guide

This guide will provide a walkthrough on how to install and use SDK


Superwise's SDK is a standard Python package created as an easy-to-use integration tool to connect Superwise with customers' needs.
Use the package to integrate with Superwise and stream data to the Superwise platform


    pip install superwise

The PyPI package homepage is: superwise-sdk

Environment variables

There are 3 environment variables used to identify and authenticate your connection:


Coming soon - You will be able to generate these variables through the UI, but for now, ask Superwise team to provide it for you. Just email us at [email protected]

Package structure:

Superwise object - simply create an instance of a Superwise object in order to interact with Superwise APIs.

from superwise import Superwise

sw = Superwise()

All APIs are now accessible under the sw intance.
For example, all task APIs (create, get, etc.) can be found under the sw.task object.
Each object uses a Superwise model, which is an internal SDK representation of a given piece of data.

from superwise.models.task import Task
from superwise.resources.superwise_enums import TaskTypes

task = Task(
    task_description='Decide whether to approve or reject a given transaction to avoid frauds',

task = sw.task.create(task)

TaskModel has properties such as id, title, etc.
You can use the get_properties() method to get a dictionary of all properties.


An in-depth, full SDK reference will be added soon.

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Python SDK Guide

This guide will provide a walkthrough on how to install and use SDK

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