Manage your users

Cause it's more fun with your teammates around

Superwise users can have one of the following roles: Viewer or Admin.
While both roles have the flexibility to view and consume Superwise insights, only admins can control the security layers of the platform like two-factor authentication, generating API tokens, and accessing login audit logs. The first user that created the account will get the role "Admin" assigned automatically.


Besides a plain user/password approach, users of the platform can use social logins, such as Google, Github, and Gitlab (coming soon).

Invite a new user

As a user of the platform, you can invite your teammates to join the platform under your existing organization.

Once invited, your new invited user will get a "Welcome" email inviting him to join your organization.


One email, one organization

Currently, a user can only signin to one organization with his email

Advanced options

As an admin, you can control user lockout and password history policy, under the "Security" tab.
You can view and track your user logins via the "Audit log" section.