Introduction to Superwise

Everything you need to know to get up and running with high-scale model observability

Superwise is about solving model observability for high-scale ML operations
Great observability needs to support high-scale, and when it comes to models, once they're in production and business-critical, they scale like nothing else in the engineering world. A model (singular) is relatively easy to monitor and maintain. The same cannot be said when you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of models running in the real world, each made up of hundreds to thousands of features. The amount of noise and alert fatigue that can result in is no joke.

Superwise model observability gives you visibility and context into your models' behaviors, so you can easily express and monitor model risks as they relate to your business. With Superwise, data scientists, ML engineers, and business ops get intuitive model observability without the alert fatigue so you can be confident about your model management and focus on the fun things in life like building newer, better models.

What you get with Superwise
Connect anything, anywhere

Superwise is an open platform - we're model and platform agnostic and 100% API-first. You can access any part of the platform with our APIs, giving you complete control over logging, triggering processes, and even extracting trends to reflect them in your organization's BI tools.

Observe everything

Superwise observes your entire machine learning decision making process.

Observe everything

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