Create Source

Create a new source.

The SourceCreate model is defined by either the SourceCreateGCS, SourceCreateAzure or SourceCreateS3 classes, based on the source type.


  • source_id: UUID of the source.
  • payload: Instance of SourceCreate model which can be any one of the following based on source type:
    • SourceCreateGCS
      • type: Literal, Source Type GCS.
      • params: SourceGCSParams object or None. Parameters for GCS source.
      • credentials: GCPCredentials object or None. Credentials for GCS source.
      • Validation is applied on the credentials field based on the hosting type.
    • SourceCreateAzure
      • type: Literal, Source type AZURE_BLOB_STORAGE.
      • params: SourceAzureParams object. Parameters for Azure source.
      • credentials: AzureCredentials object. Credentials for Azure source.
    • SourceCreateS3
      • type: Literal, Source type S3.
      • params: SourceS3Params object. Parameters for S3 source.
      • credentials: AWSCredentials object. Credentials for AWS source.
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